Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Music, in my own way!

'Saathi sanga mann ka kura' is a total obsolete but I need not confess. I love my nation more than you do. It is not that I'm writing these words in English, I do not have my cultural values, are you getting dear?

I listen all sorts of music, Spanish, Mexican, Bryan Adams, Chinese, M Raffi, early bird Gopal Yonjan. All render! Yap, music is an international language, it knows no bounds.

There shall be no dubious occasions. You should not blame a person for not listening a country folk. Rap wins this world. Hip-hop gets more applauded. Country folk plays its own roles. Maadal is in its own place and the techno music in its own place. The side side of the story is that why should only the specified music shall I love. Am I going to do things?


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