Thursday, February 09, 2006

Y! Well Done,


Huh? Check voice mail and make free PC calls from an email?

I nearly forgot that I have a Yahoo ID too. When my one of friends told me to be online in Y! the whole story began. It's true. By weaving Yahoo! Messenger with Voice into Yahoo! Mail, now you can type awhile, then chat awhile. And it's all free! Worldwide PC 2 PC and Voice mail! what could like like more than this! Unheard voice mail, I liked that the most.

Making free, worldwide PC-to-PC calls is easy. You and the person you call both need Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, plus a microphone and speakers (or headset.) The sound quality is so good, you won't be able to tell the difference between calling on Yahoo! Messenger with Voice and calling on a regular phone. Hear for yourself.

For the best audio, just plug a headset into your computer and click the Call button.

1. Voicemail. If you're offline or away from the computer, your friends can leave you voicemail. You'll see a star by the voicemail icon in your Messenger List. Click the voicemail icon, select the message, and press Play to hear your voicemail.

2. Call History. See all your voicemail - plus a log of all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Also see who called, at what time, on what day, and how long you talked.


You can select the ringtone that plays when you receive a call through Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. You can even assign special ringtones to different contacts on your Messenger List, so you'll know who's calling right when you hear the ringtone.

You can get on these all at Y! messenger service center, simply click here.

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