Saturday, August 19, 2006

Click, will You?

Oh! Yes, I am talking about this week’s blockbuster Click. Adam Sadler, the ultimate man to get the omni-stuff remote control. Has it been a children’s picture it would have been marvelous, I think. Anyway, the picturesque review for so called fanatical viewers like most of us, Click is just a more than a mediocre assuming we have understood the tech behind The Matrix Revolution.

Click seems to be intimidating factoids oh! no many facts from the half decade gone movie about the Superposition and hyper acceleration of a boy’s watch controlling everything. Yap, he was able to pause everything we wanted and right now Mr Adam does the same… but a little bit more. By the way, I still can’t remember the name of that picture, could you? The devil wears Prada, another movie released to tackle with Click is already able to do jobs- the later being now no more living.

Anyway, Click has no options but fantasy is not the reality, am I supposed to work on this project or what about the invisibility test.

Till next, Click, will you? blogging matters and do geeks.

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