Tuesday, December 20, 2005

AI and Face Recognition

AI and Face Recognition: Automatic Foto Tagging


There are a number of foto sharing and image management software to suit your specifications. Picasa and Flickr are of two most preferred, and the rest of the field is struggling to keep up with them.


Amidst this crowd of foto sharing, a new service from Redwood City, CA , which automates the tagging of pictures using artificial intelligence and face recognition, is hoping to stand out and grab some market share.


The service, called Riya, has developed software that can recognize who is in a picture, and tag it with their names. Photos can be uploaded to Riya from hard drives and foto sharing websites.


The results of this new service have been said to be very impressive; testers have said that the software was even able to differentiate between twins and spot family members! Besides, it can read street signs in a photograph and thus identify a location. The service's context-based approach looks at 50 variables in a photograph including hair, eye color, shirt color, height, sex, etc.


Of course, to tag a foto by identifying its contents, the software needs to be trained. The training is available on the internet and is currently offered for windows-based computers. A user would train the software by identifying, or tagging, individuals in their fotos. As the software learns who's in your pictures, it begins to auto-tag the photographs, quickly scanning the rest of your fotos and identifying each person it can recognize.


I am now busy downloading this AI used this-day achievement.

Do you!


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