Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Further Danger of Cloning

A scientist, on hearing the miracles of cloned sheep, decided to ignore all warnings and clone himself. Soon he would have another him; doubling his work capacity and providing company on those all-night reseach binges.

But a problem developed. His new double looked just like him, sounded just like him, and acted just like him; but whenever he spoke a pure stream of filthy language spewed forth.

The terrible twin talked such a blue streak he made dead sailors blush.

Soon, the scientist could take it no more. He lured his lewd lookalike to an ocean cliff, crept up behind him and pushed his dirty doppleganger over the edge.

He stayed just long enough to see the rude replica dissapear into the surf, then slipped quietly home, free at last!

But he didn't get away with it. The whole thing had been seen by neighbors.

Eventually he was arrested and charged with making an obscene clone fall.

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