Sunday, November 30, 2008

HDTV: frequently asked questions

What do I need to connect my computer to an HDTV?
That depends on your television. Some HDTV sets can connect to a standard VGA cable, which is the most common connection for computers. If your television does not have a VGA input, though, you may need to use a DVI cable or component video cables. If your computer does not have these video outputs, you might be able to replace the video card in your computer with a newer, HDTV-compatible video card.
After connecting my computer to an HDTV, the display is stretched. How can I fix it?
You need to change the resolution settings using Display in Control Panel. Because most HDTV sets use the 16:9 format, you need to choose a screen resolution that matches the wide format of the TV. If your computer's video card has been designed with HDTV in mind, it might come with its own software for setting screen resolution to match the 16:9 format.
Can I connect a computer to both a monitor and an HDTV at the same time?
Yes. If your computer's video card is HDTV-compatible, it will probably have two or more video outputs. Connect one to your computer monitor and another to your HDTV. Both of them should automatically display what's on your computer.

After connecting my computer to an HDTV, why can't I see certain windows on my computer monitor anymore?
This is normal. Certain kinds of computer information, such as games and video, will only appear on the HDTV. You will see a blank screen or a blank window on the computer monitor. To see this information on the computer monitor, you must temporarily disconnect the HDTV.

For more help, please refer to the manufacturer supplied documentation or the Windows Help and Support where this information resides.

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