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The Obsolete Method

This is just a demo for those who might be searching frequently on the net to crack onto someone's email account. BUT remember that this is an OBSOLETE way, do not try to loose your precious time on unncessary thing like this.

How To Hack Into Hotmail, Yahoo, and Geocities using a simple exploit

Greetings, so you want to hack into people’s Yahoo and Hotmail accounts huh? Thought it was impossible? Guess again! Hacking Hotmail has never been easier! Alot of us hackers out there don't really like to say how to hack e-mails because then hundreds of more people will come in and ask us the same question. It is rather annoying.

  I've decided to create this tutorial and hopefully make all of the people constantly IMing and e-mailing me about this stop.


Exploit Background


Let's face it, we all know Hotmail has very crappy security. Even a mere child can break into it and it's been hacked so many times. There's an old, old, glitch in the password recovery system that can be easily exploited.

The Microsoft Hotmail password recovery system is fully automated and poorly coded, hence it can be easily "confused" and exploited.


How To

Make sure to follow these steps precisely or the systems bot will catch on and disreguard your request.


Step 1. Address a mail to the Microsoft Hotmail password recovery admin bot.

It's address is


Step 2. Put "passget" without the quotations in the subject line.


Step 3. In the e-mail body, on the first line: put the complete email address of the user whose password you want.


Step 4. In the 5th line, type the email address and the login (pass) you want the password to be sent to, this is to confuse the Systems Admin bot into sending you the password of the address in the first line rather than your own. That is the exploit I mentioned earlier.


Step 5. After completing the above steps, simply send the mail to the address mentioned in Step 1.


Here's an example of the above



Subject:  passget

CC.________________   BCC.___________________

=-email body-=





your email adress here   example.:

your pass here                example.: mypassword




The response time of the Systems Admin bot will vary. It can take from a few minutes to a full 24 hours depending on network traffic and activity so please try to be patient. If a full 24 hours have passed without any response simply re-send it.


Hacking Yahoo/Geocites


Believe it or not but Hotmail and Yahoo basically use the same damn system! That means that they both have the same damn crappy service and crappy security! Hence, they potentially suffer from similar glitches/exploits.

I've tested the Hotmail exploit above with several Yahoo accounts and it worked!


So basically, use the same steps on Yahoo mentioned earlier except change "adress/" to "address/" because you are hacking Yahoo now.


ALSO, change the "To:" address from "" to


A person's Yahoo password is also their Geocities', so once you recieve the pass, you can log into and fuck around with their website if they have one.




Well, that's about it. Simple as that. Follow the above steps and you'll be hacking emails in no time. Good luck!

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