Saturday, February 21, 2009

Access e-mail On Your Phone for Cheap Through GooseBerry

GooseBerry has introduced a service with which users can access their emails on their mobiles, without an internet or GPRS connection. According to a press release, the service helps users receive and reply emails using SMS. Further, the Email content is compressed by up to 30% to ensure that users get only the important part of the email. This service works across GSM and CDMA networks.

The release further states that Gooseberry supports 37 email servers as of January 2009, including corporate emails, Gmail, Yahoo and Ibibo, among others. The service runs on any mobile on the planet without needing to install anything. Among other advantages that the service gives users, as mentioned in the release, includes the low cost of the service, the ability to create filters to prevent unwanted emails on your phone, no extra charges for roaming and easy installation. For more details you can go to

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