Monday, February 02, 2009

Test if your Electronic device is compatible with Windows Vista

It's not that bad when you suffer that the age old music only MP4 player is unsure of running well in Microsoft's Windows Vista. You can test almost all if not many hardwares, cameras,  printers, MFDs (Multifunctional Devices), Input devices, networking devices, TV devices, communication and storage devices including mobile phones and PDAs, graphic cards and components. Get the Windows Vista compatibility information for all types of hardware or software products. You will find graphic applications, PC games, printers, digital cameras and more.

Just make your visit to Windows Vista Compatibility Center @ and there you are with a lot of choices. The sites goes as:

Wondering if your favorite stuff works with Windows Vista? Here's where you can find out if it already does or if you just need a software upgrade or a new driver. You'll get details on thousands of software programs and devices and benefit from users' feedback.

You can use advanced search feature if you want to check if your specific electronic device is Windows Vista Compatible. Just check more links if you want to know more about Windows Vista Compatibility Center. Windows Vista Compatibility Center, hardware compatibility, software compatibility, Upgrade Advisor, drivers, device, peripherals, download software, applications, programs, Windows Vista all in one site.

Windows Vista Compatibility Center

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