Saturday, February 11, 2006


Public Notice to All Bioinformatics Personnels!

> May 29 - 31, 2006 in Amsterdam
> Science Park Amsterdam
> University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The understanding of biological networks such as metabolic and signal
transduction pathways is crucial for understanding molecular and cellular
processes in the organism or system under study. This field is subject of
lively research and both experimental and computational approaches are
used to elucidate the biological networks. The bioinformatics of biological
networks involves a broad range of research and approaches. Research
includes the identification of regulatory elements in DNA, genome context
analysis, modeling and simulation of pathways, reconstruction of pathways
from experimental data, visualization of pathways, and the representation
of pathways in database, graphs and markup languages. To accelerate our
understanding of the (dynamics) of biological networks it is seems
imperative that these efforts are combined and subsequently have to be
applied to real biological problems. It is clear that this field of
research can only advance when bioinformaticians and experimental
biologists (for example working on model organisms such as Drosophila and
organisms with a relatively simple and basal body plan such as sponges and
scleractinian corals) work closely together. During this three day
symposium we will bring together researchers from different disciplines
(biology, mathematics and computational sciences) working on different
aspects of networks to exchange ideas and approaches. During the first day
of the symposium we have scheduled six introductory lectures, which aim at
introducing specific subjects to the audience. The lectures are open for
all participants and will provide background knowledge for the scientific

For more program and registration details

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