Saturday, February 18, 2006

BIOS Tweaks


Changing certain BIOS settings can reduce the amount of time it takes to hand over control to the operating system, thereby reducing the time taken to boot. Although there are several different BIOSes with varying options, there are some settings common to all. Look around your BIOS to find these options. Usually, to enter the BIOS setup, you have to press the [Delete] key while it is loading.

Configure your hard drives in the BIOS, instead of setting it to automatically detect them every time it boots. For most BIOSes, you can simply select the Auto Detect Hard Disks option. Disable Boot Up Floppy Seek. This option checks if there is a floppy in the drive. You also don't need the Virus Protection feature. Enabling this from the BIOS often causes problems with system updates and also slows down the  booting time. Change the boot order so that it loads the operating system from the hard drive first. You would hardly ever boot from a floppy or CD-ROM and when you need to, you can switch to this configuration in the BIOS.

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