Saturday, March 11, 2006

Do You MP3 MP4?

This blog is all about mp3 and mp4 players which are gaining popularity everyday among every aged man.

Be a music aficionado or an impulsive data carrier or web from portables, what all you need is a MP3 or MP4 player. I do own one now for more than 7 months. Usually they are cheap but yet very friendly and easy to get on. What are you thinking of? Explore these beauties by miniaturization.

This is not a simple pen to write with neither this one is a wrist simple watch to get time.

Not only sunglasses for Your eyes but for music too, time has changed since we are no more just human, and yet there are more stuffs to go ahead with.

Most of these products are manufactured in China but yet go off the international markets. They might be best alternative to iPod.

Wikipeida goes as this:
A flash based MP3 player, mostly manufactured in China, capable of viewing images, videos, and text files. Although commonly called MP4 Players, they really can't play MP4 format videos. They are limited to proprietary file formats like MTV, DMV, MPV, AMV and similar formats.

MTV Video Format
MTV Video format was created with the idea to have some video playback capabilities on inexpensive mp3 player hardware with almost no additional implementation cost.
MTV is a format that will quickly flip through raw image frames while at the same time playing MP3 audio.

The MTV format consists of a file header of 512 bytes length, followed by alternating image and audio frames. While the audio frames are encoded with MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 (aka MP3), the image information is stored in uncompressed raw format, according to the the players display hardware specification.
During decoding of the video stream, the audio frames are passed to the mp3 hardware decoder, while the memory pointer of the display hardware is simply adjusted to the next raw image within the video stream.

While this concept does not require additional hardware for the decoding process, it leads to huge memory requirements as no compression is applied to the image information.

Firmware Updates

The product manual might say something like "go to the website for firmware updates"; but usually, no website is given. Also if you do end up finding the site, it may not have a firmware update for your particular player. Although, many unnofficial websites are hosting firmware updates. If you aren't sure that your hardware is capable with the firmware, don't install it! It could ruin your player for eternity.
65k Color OLED Display
Different from the most common LCD's, most players feature a 65k OLED display. OLED displays don't have as good image quality, but are bright and vibrant.

One Chinese mp3 manufacturing company website run these words:
Flash MP3 players have revolutionized the way we listen to music. Recently the prices of all mp3 players have dropped immense – so there is really no excuse not to have one!There are many advantages to own a flash mp3 player: You can take some anywhere, anytime and they can store much more music than other music players, such as CD Players. You can download all your music from the internet; even track by track, which means that you only have to pay for the tracks you want to listen to. This way is much cheaper then buying the full album.Portable Flash MP3 Player from the chinese market are essentially the most common type of mp3 player available. These players dont have any moving parts to play the music, just memory chips and circuit board inside.All the products you see here are from local factories and manufacturer in China. All our flash MP3 Player are small and lightweight. Perfect for using it while you are on your way or while playing sports.We offer a wide range of the best and advanced digital music players you can find in China. Possible the cheapest wholesale prices you have seen.

Postings are mere informative and may not comply with standards!

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