Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's the Time for 2GB hotmail

For more than 7 months Microsoft has been working to find complications related with the hotmail and its peripheral services. Though, Google is know to give its things @ Beta version, Microsoft has been following this trend of Googling for quite a large time. You may check out your gmail or related services including but not limited to the Google groups. The similar trend continues with the Yahoo Messenger and the MSN Messenger.

Now its time for the 2 GB hotmail account. Have you gotten one? Or should you write to me for invitation. The Live version of Microsoft services can be reached @ along with your customizable, RSS enriched home page. This is the ultimate outcome of Microsoft’s more than 7 month’s toil. De fact, they seem to fix well everything before the release of the newer Window’s version named Window’s Vista.

If you are still using your 2 MB hotmail, now the time has come to upgrade it to 2 GB. The trend in the hotmail history trace back to the not a completed decade of the top tier free email provider. Beginning with a 2 MB space, they provided a 250 MB for country specific, especially the US territories, and now the turn for 2 GB. However, the service is invitation only till the date. You can write to me for an invitation. This service is still under the beta testing and is more convenient to use like a customized outlook express where you have your own choice of color coded pages and enhancement. However, if you are still using your hotmail in you email client especially the Outlook Express, you might experience some connectivity problems with the server.

The new 8.0 version of the MSN Messenger is termed the Window’s Live Messenger /Messenger Beta and Live is encoded everywhere. Once you use it for now, you realize how many bugs are still remained to recover. The look however is realistic and more natural.

The more you use your single passport account to use Microsoft’s these services, the more proverbial you become. However, everything rest on us users whether to use 2.8 GB+ gmail, 1 GB Yahoo with increasing tech services or 2 GB enhanced hotmail. But how loving the word BETA seems with the developers?

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