Friday, January 05, 2007

An anti-crash course for comp-lovers!

An anti-crash course for comp-lovers!

- E Lamsal


In most of the personal computers in the world today, Microsoft Windows works as the operating system. Despite being user-friendly, however, this OS is is very delicate and crashes frequently in absence the right conditions. If you are tired of frequent crashing of your comp, please abide by the following tips.

  • If any program or font is not working properly then reboot the comp. Most errors are temporary which occur due to running of different programs at a time. Soon rebooting, they can be corrected as you reload the program.
  • If you have problems after installing special software, then you need to uninstall and check for normal operations to identify whether the software has caused problems.
  • To know whether all the system files of Windows are present or not, use system file checker [ie C:\\windows\command\ebd] to see the presence of system files needed by the operating system. This will again place those files in the required places where they should be and those files that are corrupted are shown.
  • If you have changed your mouse, or sound card or have installed any other hardware then uninstall it and see what happens. Next, from the comp seller or hardware manufacture, get the most appropriate hardware [driver]. Ask him whether the new hardware is compatible with your old hardware or not.
  • While starting, if any error message regarding device failure appears, then all you have to do is press F8 key while restarting the computer in the safe mode. Then go to start>settings>control panel>system>hardware and opt for device manager to see if there are any duplicate devices. If so then clear the duplicate device and reboot.

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