Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Help Upgrading USB Audio Controller

I have a USB Audio Device (Sound Card- C-Media USB Headphone Set), specfications goes:
USB Audio Device
Integrated 2 Channel
USB Audio Controller
Device Type: Sound, video and game controllers
Manufacturer: Generic USB Audio
Location: Location 0 (C-Media USB Headphone Set)
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 7/1/2001
Driver Version: 5.1.2535.0
Digital Signer: MIcrosoft Windows Publisher
Driver File: //Windows/system32/drivers/USBAUDIO.sys
Remark(s): The device is enabled and functioning properly.
Upgrade Woes goes:
Searched the net for an updated drivers for a couple of providers but couldn't find the apt ones. Even Window's Update Driver Wizard seem unable to find updates for USBAUDIO.sys driver file.
I like to enable Virtual 5.1 Sound Track on the device. It has been going well with 3D Sound(AC-3). Where can I find Advanced Environment Effects, Sizes and Band/Pre-set Equalizers, EAX, Speaker Shifter for my device? I think these are Software Value added for music and gaming. Any idea?I also like to know about Xearphone.
Is there anything to do with <Digital Class-B Power Amplifier> which is built-in component inside the device, it's PD 552.
Please, help me upgrade my SOUND Xperience!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Top PC Facts

If you want to scan or defrag your disk, try this in safe mode. You will see that this will be fast without the process being restarted quite often.


It is very tempting to push the DVD- ROM tray to close when it is an open state. If you want the life of your DVD - ROM be longer stop doing this, as this increases the wear and tear of the gears in your DVD- ROM. Use the button instead.


Use narrow type fonts while printing large documents. For example Bedrock or Arial narrow fonts save about 67% of the paper.


If you are running an old Pentium machine and want to check if there is an Intel Pentium; Bug in it or not, check this calculation out in the calculator provided in Programs> Accessories> Calculator or type calc in run. [4195835/3145727]*3145727. If you get 4195835 which is the correct answer your machine is free of any bug. But the result with the bug is 4195579.


Try typing .LOG at the start of a notepad file and save it. Open it later and see the magic.


You all must have noticed that in the drop down menu, there are some entries preceded by some dots like Save As … What does this mean? Whenever you click on the list with these dots you will get another window to specify your choice.


If you want to have nameless shortcuts on your desktop, try this. Activate rename, then press Alt + 0160, you will get nothing written. If you want to create one more, then press Alt + 0160 + Spacebar. The more you want to name increase the number of times you press the spacebar ie for another Alt + 0160 + Spacebar + Spacebar.


If you are not an expert at playing minesweeper and you fall short of time, then here is a trick. Start a game, right click and left click the mouse together and hit Esc at the same time. You will see that the timer will stop so you can play as slowly as you like.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Problems with Sound Card

Hello frens,

I am having problem with sound in my PC. My inbuilt sound card is Sigmatel and is well installed. Whenever I try to play music or any sound file, it plays well but there is no output from the card. I tested with every possible things such as microphone, woofer.

I tried if there's wrong with my my cable but that was not the case. I checked every possibilities, BIOS informed audio enabled, device manager Audio device installed, media player plays sound well EXCEPT I hear no sound from my speakers (which work fine with my other audio devices including woofer).

I didn't listened music for around 2 months. Later I find myself disappointed @ just watching movie video with no audio. Please, help. Is there anything I can do without installing another external sound card? Which are and How much does good quality sound cards costs?

Waitng for your responses!

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