Friday, November 23, 2007

windows secrets- hacking your system to better performance and fun II

Customizing Individual Folder Icons

To change a folder's icon:

  1. Open Notepad and enter two lines,

    IconFile=file name,number
    (e.g. IconFile=C:\Icon\CustomFolder.ico,0)

  2. Save the file as DESKTOP.INI in the folder you wish to change.
  3. Click Start -> Run, type in the command line,
    ATTRIB +S "folder name"
    (e.g. ATTRIB +S "C:\Custom Folder")
  4. Open Explorer or My Computer and refresh (press F5 key).

This tip only work Windows 95/NT 4.0 + IE 4.0 with shell integration, or Windows 98/NT 5.0.

Removing the Recycle Bin

To remove Recycle Bin from the desktop:

  1. Run REGEDIT.
  2. Find NAMESPACE key in left pane (HKEY_Local_Macine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Explorer \ Desktop \ Namespace)
  3. Expand NAMESPACE (click '+' box)
  4. Delete the value RECYCLE BIN in right pane

Adding Send To the Recycle Bin


That way you can just right click on a file you want to delete, and send it to the recycle bin without having to confirm each time.

Having Icons with No Name

Normally you have to have a name for an icon, just spaces are not allowed.
To create an icon with no name attached:

  1. Make sure NumLock is on
  2. Highlight the Icon you want to change
  3. Right-Mouse click and select Rename
  4. While holding down the Alt key, type 0160
  5. Now the icon will have no name below it.

To Create Multiple Icons with No Name -

  1. Follow directions detailed above
  2. With the second icon simply add one space-bar character AFTER the 0160 number.
  3. Each successive icon gets an additional space-bar character at the end (to prevent a duplicate naming error).

 windows secrets- hacking your system to better performance and fun

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