Thursday, January 24, 2008

Empty TEMP folder

Empty TEMP folder on startup: When this option is enabled Windows automatically deletes the contents of the TEMP folder when you power up or restart the system. This is useful for two reasons: It can help to stop data garbage collecting in the TEMP folder and it can also improve security, as the folder may sometimes contain data you don't want unauthorized people to see.

  • Action immediately

  • Follow the actions in registry editor


Create a New DWord <given below> Entry with Value as 1

  1. ClearTempFiles    -    Empty TEMP folder

  2. ClearCookies        -   Delete cookies at Windows startup

  3. ClearInternetFiles -   Delete temporary Internet files

  4. ClearDocHistory    -   Clear "Documents" history

  5. ClearRunHistory    -   Clear "Run" history

  6. ClearRecycleBin     -   Empty Recycle Bin

  7. ClearUrlHistory      -  Clear Internet Explorer history

  8. ClearFindHistory    -  Clear "Search for Files and Folders" history

  9. ClearRecycleBin     -   Empty Recycle Bin

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