Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discover iTunes8. Rediscover your Music. Download new iTunes 8


New Genius features and better ways to browse put music at the center of your entertainment world. Songs to play. Shows to watch. Movies to rent and to own. Whatever keeps you entertained, iTunes keeps it handy.

Genuis playlists

Genius playlists and sidebar.

Create a playlist of songs that go great together and get recommendations for new songs.

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HD TV shows.

Buy your favorite shows, including Heroes and The Office, in high definition. Episodes cost just $2.99.

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New grid views

New ways to browse.

Browse your music, movies, and TV shows by cover art. Quickly skim albums by artist and genre.

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  • Music

    iTunes puts your entire digital music collection all in one place and just one click away.Learn more

  • Movies

    Browse thousands of movies to buy or rent and watch them in minutes. Learn more

  • TV Shows

    Shop the iTunes Store for your favorite TV shows, now available in HD. Learn more

  • Applications

    Browse thousands of games and applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Learn more

  • Podcasts

    Choose from over 100,000 of free audio and video shows, some in HD. Learn more

  • Audiobooks

    Buy audiobooks on the iTunes Store and catch up on your reading — just by listening.Learn more

  • iPod Games

    Get games for your Click Wheel-based iPod for on-the-go fun.Learn more

  • iTunes U

    Sit in on classes from the world’s top colleges and universities — free. Learn more

  • iTunes Gifts

    Give music and more with Gift Cards, gift certificates, and allowances. Learn more

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