Saturday, October 04, 2008

Use your computer as a Bluetooth speakerphone

This might be very exiting to hear at first and yes, it's true, it's always the best. Get you Bluetooth equipped mobile phone (Smart Phone or Windows Mobile or Similar PDAs) and your laptop or desktop with Bluetooth adapter handy and set to boost the handsfree freedom with your device. Your computer also need to be furnished with speakers (woofers would be a great pleasure) and a microphone (Use Boost Microphone feature for enhancement from your system Control Panel).

Now you can use your computer as a speakerphone when using with your Bluetooth equipped mobile phone. I'm addicted to it, you might be.

  • Click Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Bluetooth Devices. (In Windows Vista OS, you might be prompted for Administrative credentials.)
  • On the Devices tab, click Add to add your mobile phone and then follow the wizard steps.
  • On your Mobile phone, enable Hands-free connection with your computer with enabling Bluetooth ON. (For details on using Bluetooth on your mobile phone, please read the documentation of your cell phone.)
  • Now, click Audio tab where you see your mobile phone in the list.
  • Click Telephony Audio Gateway service and then click Connect. When you are finished with the call, click Disconnect.

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