Friday, August 07, 2009

Nokia N97 Mini is real, launch date, specs and price leaked

First of all, the N97 Mini is expected to be launched at the Nokia World 09 expo in Stuttgart on September 2-3. The gadget is also expected to retail at about 100 euros less than the N97, bringing its price tag to about 450 euros (Rs 31,ooo approximately).
The site, which is basing its report on a writer at, has also found out the reason behind the name: "Rumor has it that another major handset vendor was prepping the launch of a smaller version of its flagship phone with the 'Mini' suffix attached to it. So Nokia's marketing team decided on a spoiler and leaked their own version of Mini name first. Oh, the games those handset marketers play to go one up over the other."
The N97 Mini is also expected to cut down on the built-in memory, slashing its count to 8GB – half that of the N97. The screen, too, will be diminished to 2.9 inches, although the ability to display 16 million colours at 640x360 pixel resolution remains intact.
The slide-up form factor and the Qwerty keypad will remain, although the navigation pad of the N97 will be done away with in the Mini.
Ah, September cannot come around quickly enough…
Source: Unwired View

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