Monday, December 18, 2006

Switching to beta- blogger: Not too Late

I have been blogging about 4 years for now. Many blogs were regular and then desserted for want to change but finally some of my writings really work on the Blogger. The ease of posting, editing and customising the templates has been the easieist of all with the Blogger.
I don't think it's too late. I have been working with two of my blogs with beta version as soon as it was declared but yesternight I switched all of my 19 blogs to the beta version. Though I still love the old version because this new beta is still beta. Not all complete plug ins work fine. Profile section is the most worst of all I believe. But for the purity of blogging spirit I thought and finally transformed because it's never too late to play the piano.
< Check out the new version of Blogger (in beta) > big words always ran in luring me to fix everything with he Googling aspirations, you check it yourself here. But do not forget these three things before migrating: you'ii need a Google Account, your third party applications need to be updated (the most tedius of all) and the worst of all you can't undo once you get into the migraine land.
Also the terms of conditions has been more provoking in my words, it must been not too personifying. Anyway do not forget to read few points to made yourself forced to beleivet hat you are agreed.
Good luck folks!

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