Sunday, December 16, 2007

Windows Secret Revealed- Working with StartUp and LogOff Screen

Startup Screen

  1. Create a 320x400 bitmap in the root directory and name it LOGO.SYS
  2. You can use LOGOW.SYS file in the Windows directory as a starter

Logoff Screens

  1. There are several files called LOGOX.SYS
  2. They are actually bitmaps 320x400 that just have a different extension
  3. The hidden one in the root directory LOGO.SYS is the startup logo.
  4. There are two files in the Windows directory.
  5. LOGOW.SYS is the Wait while Shutting down ... screen
  6. LOGOS.SYS is the You may now shut-off or Reboot screen
  7. To edit them, rename them with a BMP extension and use your favorite graphic editor
  8. You can edit these files or create you own
  9. They just need to be the same size 

 windows secrets- hacking your system to better performance and fun

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