Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dealing and removing dxdlg.exe (Trojan/Backdoor)

I wonder why people get infected with minor viruses.(oops! while considering viruses and infections not a single virulent action might be neglected!) This blog post is a brief of how to remove dxdlg.exe? as asked to me by one of the visitor of the geeklog.
I recommend that you remove dxdlg.exe from your system ASAP because dxdlg.exe is a Trojan/Backdoor activity. If you got a registered version of TuneUp Utilities Process Manager (which allows you to manage currently running programs) just kill the process dxdlg.exe and remove dxdlg.exe from Windows startup. You can always opt for 2nd tab(Processes) of Windows Task Manager(Alt+Ctrl+Del).
Google Search for Rootkits/Adware/Spyware can result into losts of free softwares but read in advance before considering them.
My search discovered into another worm named W32/Isetspy-B for Windows plateform which mainly spreads via removable storage devices and network shares.

When run W32/Isetspy-B installs the following files:
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\dxdlg.exe
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapd.exe
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapdb.dll
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapdb.exe
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapdc.dll
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapdd.dll
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\imapde.dll
<Profile>\Application Data\dxdlls\boot.vbs

Boot.vbs is detected as W32/Isetspy-B. rbwinx1.dll is a data file and may be safelydeleted. All other files are detected as Mal/EncPk-AO.
The ONLY remedy is get your antivirus program updated with the latest virus definitions. Visit the website of your antivirus program. Some of the websites of the antivirus program manufacturers scan for viruses and similar threats by uploading files on the net and all for free, try a Google search or go thru the following links.
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