Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Microsoft Unrolls Details of Silverlight DRM

Microsoft unveiled details of a new DRM technology for streaming live content called Silverlight DRM, this Monday. The technology is based on Microsoft's PlayReady technology and is expected to be available later this year when Microsoft releases Silverlight 2.

Microsoft said Tuesday that Silverlight DRM will be compatible with Windows Media DRM 10 content and is aimed at protecting content that is streamed live or on-demand. The company is giving NAB 2008 attendees demonstrations of Silverlight DRM in its booth at the conference.

Microsoft unveiled Silverlight last year to compete with Adobe's Flash multimedia runtime and player; however, Microsoft has optimized Silverlight for HD video content in particular as a way to differentiate its technology from Flash.

According to Microsoft, Silverlight is logging about 1.5 million downloads per day, which includes downloads spurred by Microsoft running Silverlight on its own Web sites and for company Webcasts.

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