Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google Launches Indian Version of YouTube

Few days (Last Wednesday) back the Web Giant Google added another brick to its success, the launch of Indian Version of YouTube is highly anticipated one after Orkut - Google's social networking site. This Google' s video sharing subsidiary has all the content from the YouTube global site. However, importance is given to the Indian relevances of course!

The custom video charts reflect what the Indians are watching right now at Indian YouTube. Partnership has been maintained with India's Ministry of Tourism and local TV stations.

Google's popularity in the region has come with its share of problems. YouTube has been sued in India by a local music label for hosting its material, while in neighboring Pakistan access to YouTube was recently blocked for some days because the local government objected to an anti-Islamic video on the site. Google's Orkut social networking site has frequently been the target in India of fundamentalist groups, objecting to one or the other of their icons or leaders being insulted in user comments on the site. (Source : )

The ameliorating trend of multinational companies in India focused with more and more local contents in local languages has been practiced recently by AOL India, Google India, Yahoo India and a lot. All of these companies are trying to get over non-urban Indian internet users and however, the success solely is restricted by the already word-of-mouth Indian origin internet companies.


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