Monday, May 19, 2008

Using Kaspersky Online Scanner to scan PC for viruses and malwares for free

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This is absolutely free service from Kaspersky Lab - the maker of KAV - antivirus program with the highest detection rates according to The website page goes at the first line as

Welcome to the Kaspersky Online Scanner! Use it to scan your PC for viruses and other malware for free. Warning: if you have installed Kaspersky Online Scanner Pro, please manually uninstall it using "Add/Remove Programs" before installing this version! Otherwise this version will not function correctly.

Initially there is a small installation done followed by the choice for virus definitions, and rest assured - you never leave it stand alone if you are too prone to viruses and security infringing softwares. Based on Microsoft's ActiveX Technology, the Kaspersky Online Scanner works only with MS Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher. The major plus point is that the scanner has hourly updated AV database that means each time you launch the online scanner it's sure to be updated silently.

Detection rates of antivirus programs

If you're not in MSIE, then you can scan for individual files, including compressed ones, then you can scan them at File Scanner. If you would like to scan your entire computer for viruses, please use their free virus scan. To list the free virus scanning services from Kaspersky Lab:

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