Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gmail Users Trial 13 New Features

Google is inviting Gmail users to test out 13 new features it's considering adding to the Webmail service.
 Available via the 'labs' function in Gmail's settings, the services include a quick-link tool that allows users to bookmark specific messages, the ability to assign mouse gestures to various actions, and customizable keyboard shortcuts. The most popular features will then become standard within Gmail.
 "There are some things in here we think are probably bad ideas," Gmail product manager Keith Coleman said ,specifically in regards to a snake game.
 "It's something we would never do."
 Currently only Google engineers can create code for 'lab' features. However in the future, the company hopes external developers will be able to build Gmail tools.
 "Once the code is written and mostly working, it'll get into the next product build that goes to users [through the labs feature]," explained Coleman.
 "We'd like to get to a point where more people can build on this. That would require something with a different level of interface," Coleman added.
 "We're interested in making it possible for users and us to iterate on the product faster, so it's something we're interested in."

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