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Lock Any Folder in your PC using My Lockbox by FSPro Labs 

One of the easiest method to go thru. Folder Lockbox is a security software enabling you to password protect any folder on your computer. 

 Lock Any Folder in your PC using My Lockbox by FSPro Labs

Folder Lockbox is a very light software and extremely easy to use. The protected folder (lockbox), better to say the MUST file of the program itself, is hidden from any user and application of the machine, including Administrator and System itself. One of the most exciting feature is that it is impossible to access the lockbox not only from the local computer, but also from the net as the Folder Lockbox says.

Folder Lockbox Control Panel allows you easily change basic lockbox parameters: lockbox location, protection status, password, this is illustrated in the screenshot above. The program is effective, easy to use and best of all - it's free.

Why use Folder Lockbox?

  • Password protect almost any folder on the computer, be cautious on protecting your system files.

  • Instant protection - no file scrambling or moving to another place

  • Inaccessible even by the system administrators and remotely by the internet.

  • Can be protected in Windows safe mode

  • Extremely easy in use and absolutely Freeware

Enabling and disabling protection

When you start the computer, your lockbox folder is locked and hidden.

To unlock this folder you should either start Folder LockBox Control Panel and click Unlock button or open My Lockbox shortcut.

Please note that in both cases, Folder Lock Box prompts you to input your password. If you close Control Panel, a small Folder Lock Box icon  will appear in the system tray notifying you that Lockbox is unlocked. You can click this tray icon to run Folder Lockbox Control Panel.

To lock the folder again, either run Folder Lockbox Control Panel and click Lock button or click right mouse button on the Folder Lockbox tray icon and select Lock and Quit from the drop-down menu.

This software is freeware for any use. You may use it as long as you wish, no registration required. For details please, visit the official link at the bottom of this article.

The information on this article is based on
My Lockbox, version 1.2
Copyright (c) FSPro Labs, 2006-2007. All Rights Reserved.

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AMRIT said...

sir i have forgot my password of my lockbox. so m not able to use it now where as i have many important files in it. so please help me to unlock it

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