Friday, April 17, 2009

DSLR Battle Heats Up: Nikon Launches New D5000

Nikon Europe announced the introduction of its latest DSLR, the D5000. The D5000 has inherited the D90’s groundbreaking HD movie capability, Nikon’s proprietary D-Movie function (the D90 was the first DSLR to sport video recording). The 12.3MP sensor has sensitivity between ISO 200 and 3200 (can be extended to ISO 100 and ISO 6400 equivalent). The feature being touted is the 2.7-inch vari-angle LCD that allows you to take pictures easily from any angle. When combined with live-view (the ability to see the frame on the LCD screen) it 1gives a high degree of flexibility in composing shots with off-beat perspectives and macros.

The display can be closed to protect the monitor or place it in the standard position for regular shooting using the viewfinder. You can even reverse the monitor for effortless, perfectly-framed self-portraits. A 4 fps continuous shooting mode makes it a fast camera and it can shoot 67 JPEGs or 11 RAW files continuously.

Nikon has retained the 720p movie mode from the D70 but the rival’s 500D goes all out with full HD 1080p video recording. When taking still shots, the camera offers four types of contrast AF (wide area, normal area, face detection and new subject tracking) to make capture as easy as possible. In subject tracking AF mode, the camera will even restart tracking the subject once it leaves the frame and then returns, so your target will always be in focus.

With a total of 19 scene modes, the 5000D is more newbie friendly. To quote the press release, ‘simply turn the dial to ‘scene’, choose the appropriate scene mode setting and the camera will do the rest for you. The camera will even display a sample scene to make the scene selection easier for you’. Sensor cleaning is implemented with airflow control system (Canon uses vibration to get rid of dust on the sensor).

The press release did not specify the list price, but websites reported a price tag of $849 (approx. Rs. 42,450) for the D5000 with the 18-55mm VR kit lens. The Canon 500D has a list price of $899 along with the 18-55mm IS kit lens.

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