Saturday, April 04, 2009

Using Nero RescueAgent to recover corrupt, deleted files and older file versions

If you have been searching how to recover corrupt or deleted files from your PC, this article might be useful to you and end your search here for Nero RescueAgent.

With Nero RescueAgent you can quickly and easily recover files from storage media, that, for instance, have been corrupted by scratches or cannot be read correctly due to ageing. The following storage media are supported by Nero RescueAgent.

Hard drive
USB stick
Memory card

For multisession disks and disks formatted for the UDF file system capable of packet writing, Nero RescueAgent also provides the option of recovering deleted files and older file versions.

Working with Nero RescueAgent
The Nero RescueAgent Assistant helps you to restore files in just a few steps.
The following individual steps are necessary.

Select storage medium and scan level.
Search storage medium for files that can be restored.
Select files to be restored and define storage location for files.
Start Restore
Save log file (optional)

Then you can either start a new scan, scan the storage medium again, restore files or end Nero RescueAgent.

Nero RescueAgent is a Nero AG product. To purchase Nero RescueAgent or read details about it visit the official Nero website

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