Saturday, January 21, 2006

A download project

These days I am busy downloading a free software, de facto, is NepaLinux
under GUI license. Such free code softwares not only help pro and tyro
programmers to learn and test but they do help a lot of users to get
familar to sorts of applications.

The single file named "nepalinuxb10.iso" is of bulky 686.74 MB size and
think my connection speed of 56 KBPS and download accelerator 7.5 will end
the task successful in about a month with a hour randomly each day. Five
days have already gone with 150 MB on on and on...

Burning image and installing are yet another headache for Linux Operating
System, and I always fear if I encounter any mistake command I could loose
my hard disk forever, forever.

Let me see and post blogs while the download accelertaor does its task.

Involved link:

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