Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mails, never sent

This is an exact copy never send to Mr Ram Mohan, the composer, I'd like
to refer as, of the Digit, a computing magazine published by Jasubhai
Media in Mumbai, India.

"As a techie from bio-info world, I'm too glad to read your a -five-paged
Transduction of DNA Computing. There's no any doubt anywhere when I went
between lines, finished within keen 90 minutes. However, if you do not
mind [not so a prudent I am], it would have been exciting if you included
sth more about 'Simulations' at 'winfree' and 'wang'.

I Remain."

Written for, where I got impressed for the auther's articles.

I thank you very much for your work and the website

In fact, I just wanted to create certain web IDs with Igeek as my keyword
and my fate finally took me to already well run this mater piece. Your
style is really laudable.

"Is Bill Gates really a Genius?" impressed me much. But contrary to you
and despite the realities, I still love Bill Gates' work and yet support
what you have written. And there are few more articles which I went thru.
Consequently, I am now a regular update seeker of

I Remain."

To tell the truth, I think I shall send this email, after posting this
entry today! This one is really a great comment I think, what do you think?

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