Saturday, December 09, 2006

Humor from the Semiconductor Industry...

Pathetic Jokes

Which IC packages are insincere? The plastic ones.
How do defective diodes cheat in exams? By leakage.

What is an affair with a Process Statistician called? Correlation.
Why is a biscuit maker like a Die Prep engineer? They're both afraid of broken wafers.

How did the metal atoms move out of their country? By electromigration.
Which station is always after big-time criminals in the US? FVI.

What do DTFS engineers with marital problems apply for? Singulation.
Why are failure analysts not popular? Because they're fault finders.

What is a husband who abandons his wife called? A reliability failure.
Which assembly station always starts good in a game but loses in the end? Lead Finish.

Why do big capacitors earn more than small ones? Because they charge more.
Why is soggy die overcoat terminally ill? Because it wasn't cured.

What do swimmers and narrow metal lines have in common? They're both afraid of large currents.
How did the magnetic coil get into the Hall of Fame? By induction.

What did the integrated circuit say when it was enlightened? IC.
What did the diamond wheel say after it has been mounted? Close the door, I'm dressing.


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