Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Enhance your web browsing experience with IE7Pro with plug in for Windows Internet Explorer 7

IE7 Pro SetupIE7Pro is a all-in-one plug in for Windows Internet Explorer 7. With IE7Pro installed once, you will never need to look after any tunings for better internet browsing experience than this.

Version 2.2 of IE7Pro as screencasted in here, shows many settings for IE7 with just a single click. Some of them include:

Includes a lot of IE tweaks, includes:
   * Crash recovery
   * Super Drag and Drop
   * Quick proxy switcher
   * Enhanced Tabbed Browsing
   * Mouse gestures
   * Hotkey customization
   * Address bar shortcutsIE7 Pro Setup Settings

With IE7Pro one can:

1.Manage ads, block unwanted ads with ADblock

Supports blocking all forms of advertisments, including Flash ads, rich media, fly-ins, slide-ins, pop-up, pop-under.
Filters DIVs , URLs, Images, Tables, iFrames. Visit AD Filter list.

2.Enable or disable Userscripts

The most powerful user script platform for IE

IE7 Pro's Google based search

(like the Grease Monkey extension for Firefox). Also included Easy homepage.

Visit for more user scripts and plugins.

3. Many plugins to be checked for

4.Enable Spelling Checker as in Firefox

Checks spelling errors while composing mails, blog entries or any text area entries using the spellchecking engine from OpenOffice. Supports up to 16 languages.

IE7 Pro v2.2 Modules

Auto Form Filler:

A simple form & password manager and form filler which completely automates password entering and form filling.

It also includes Text Saver, which lets you restore the lost text while composing mails and text area posts in case of crashes.

Mini Download Manager:

IE7 Pro preferences

The smallest download manager for IE, It supports resuming Downloads and simultaneous downloads.

Inline Search:

Search the page as you type, like the Find as you type feature of Firefox.

Single IE Instance:

Use only one instance of IE to handle all the URL requests.

Accu Weather:

Display the local weather in the statusbar, Copy from Windows vista accu weather gadgets

Alexa Rank or Google PageRank:

Display the website's Alexa and Google Page Rank.

Book Burro- Remixing the bookstore:

Compare book prices from various book stores

Download Video:

Save video clips from YouTube, Google Video, Myspace, Metacafe,, Putfile, Dailymotion and Sevenload.

Download Video from YouTube:

adds a link to download flv from YouTube


Other features include Flickr Rich Edit, GMail CSS Skin, Google Blogsearch, Google Images NoFrame link, Google Link Preview, GoogleX, Myspace custom style remover, Myspace Notifier, RSS+Atom Feed Subscribe Button, Show Password onMouseOver, YouTube Resizer, dark gray redesign

Download the latest version of IE7Pro now to fully customize your IE Experience @

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