Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bluetooth 2.2 Specifications to Be Revealed Next Year

The specifications for the new version of Bluetooth technology- Bluetooth 2.2 will be revealed sometime in mid-2009. This was announced by the consortium of companies that form the technology’s Special Interest Group.

According to the SIG, Bluetooth 2.2 will enable wireless video streaming, printing and other Wi-Fi related tasks. It will also meant that faster speeds than that under v1.1 can be achieved. It is expected that Bluetooth 10x devices will be released first followed by Bluetooth 100x, which if used along with Ultra Wide Broadband radio, may be able to give 480mbps of data transfer speed. Bluetooth 10x is expected to give better performance in Wi-Fi devices and this will be pretty useful especially in portable media players.

The new iPod Touch 2G has a Bluetooth chip embedded in it but it has not yet been activated. Once the final specifications are released, we can expect Apple to release the update to enable Bluetooth 2.2 services.

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