Saturday, January 28, 2006

Upgrading and Repairing PCs

Hello, I have come across the beauty of the www for all of us. Here are few among hundreds of thousands websites that help you to upgrade and repair your computer. More appropriately, you can find everything you wish to about your computer and parts and peripherals. Just do visit them. - This website will contain updates and new features not found in the book or on the CD! - Specs and more information about ATX, mini-ATX, micro-ATX, flex-ATX and NLX form factors. - Information on modifying your flash ROM equiped vehicle. - Technical support and information for the Award BIOS. - Get the latest Orb drivers for your operating system. - Sales and support, including drivers, for SyQuest equipment. - A volunteer staffed website for SyQuest support. - Unofficial Iomega Page with SyQuest message boards and rare Macintosh drivers. - This orginazation controls the DVD standards. It is a public forum, so you can attend the meetings. - Download programs that tests your video, DVD/MPEG playback, onscreen quality and 3D acceleration. - Shields Up probes your system's Internet connection security and Internet service ports. - Find DSL service providers in your area, compare rates and read reviews. - An excellent DSL FAQ is here, covering flavors of xDSL and links to other DSL sites. - Web site focusing on products that use HomePNA standards. - Home of the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance. - A collection of USB Peripherals Parts and Accessories. - Upgrade your 32 voice Ensoniq based sound card to 64 with a download.

I shall be sorry for unavialability of some page(s), however you may come over the one you need to explore about.
Here is the previous post, repeated for color vision trouble.

Blank DVDs

 Yes, today I am going to discuss about my latest troubles and case of migraine DVD burning fires. I knew duplicate mean no-branded blank DVDs cost no more than Rs 30/DVD but I wanted to back up all my 7 GB music in DVDs so that I could have my hard disk for some good purposes.

 Keeping this thing in mind, I bought some- about 3, Samsung Pleomax DVD+R8X with capacity 4.7 GB. But to my surprise none of these worked after successful burning by Nero on LG DVD+RAM. My furiousness lasted no longer my dislike for Samsung grew even more- once my very new Samsung CD-RW did not work after a month of purchasing- but this case is more disgusting, isn't it?

 I tried these DVDs on the LG DVD+RAM and worked for the very first trial after burning on the same DVD+RAM but after I tried on my PC with Lite-On DVD-ROM 16X, but in vain. These DVDs were written at the speed of 8X.

 I had deleted all my music after I burned these DVDs. And for now I do have nothing to get listen to, neither DVDs work nor have I got any left on my hard disk.

 How can I get off the situation? Is there any way to recover my precious music files? Is the case with Samsung really? Anyone please do help me, get of this trio.

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