Monday, April 17, 2006

Blank DVDs


Yes, today I am going to discuss about my latest troubles and case of migraine DVD burning fires. I knew duplicate mean no-branded blank DVDs cost no more than Rs 30/DVD but I wanted to back up all my 7 GB music in DVDs so that I could have my hard disk for some good purposes.


Keeping this thing in mind, I bought some- about 3, Samsung Pleomax DVD+R8X with capacity 4.7 GB. But to my surprise none of these worked after successful burning by Nero on LG DVD+RAM. My furiousness lasted no longer my dislike for Samsung grew even more- once my very new Samsung CD-RW did not work after a month of purchasing- but this case is more disgusting, isn?t it?


I tried these DVDs on the LG DVD+RAM and worked for the very first trial after burning on the same DVD+RAM but after I tried on my PC with Lite-On DVD-ROM 16X, but in vain. These DVDs were written at the speed of 8X.


I had deleted all my music after I burned these DVDs. And for now I do have nothing to get listen to, neither DVDs work nor have I got any left on my hard disk.


How can I get off the situation? Is there any way to recover my precious music files? Is the case with Samsung really? Anyone please do help me, get of this trio.


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Anonymous said...

gr8 huh, by the way is samsung so clumsy n ? abt this pleomax

why dont u write to 'em

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