Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Future Summit: Fate of the future!



Future on the Earth is beyond our imagination. By 2035, we would have enchanting wow! Are we living? There is no doubt that many scientific innovations are already crouching our way of life. Cyborgs are no more human dreams, fantasy will rule our mind. A little brain to think of the earthly phenomenon of decades ahead!


One of the ever to be organized assembly on Future Summit is certainly going to procreate advancements we’d have never thought of. Projects that could lead to new sources of energy; cures for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and migraine headaches; machines that will soon fill the world around us, as well as machines we'll implant in ourselves. CNN Future Summit is what this all about.


An Englishman in Singapore. An Australian in Boston. An American in Toulouse. One is seeking to create artificial life; others to create artificial intelligence. The committee of ten helping to shape our discussion of the future of science and technology is really immense to talk of.


A CNN Future Summit technology profile has details to be explored. I suggest You visit these pages which discuss the following scopes and areas to be expounded.


ü       Cybernetics: Merging machine and man

Ever since our ancestors first started making tools, humanity has been trying to go beyond its limitations to improve on the way our bodies interact with nature.


ü       Robots: The future is now

Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of robots. Science-fiction, so often the medium through which society explores the potential impact of new technology, has always been obsessed with robots, and some of the most enduring sci-fi characters have been robots, from R2D2 and C3PO, to The Terminator and Data.


ü       The promise of stem cell research

Chances are very good you've heard about stem cells. Whether from reports of their almost miraculous ability to cure and restore, or very public controversies over their source or the research itself, stem cells have been a hot topic in the news for years.


ü       The code of life

Genes are the basic building blocks of life, and in studying them genetic science is giving us the ability to adapt and alter ourselves fundamentally, providing unprecedented opportunities to improve on nature.



Some areas to be explored in this summit are from genetic engineering, cyborg, genetic testing, future of humanity, brain signals and their utilizations with recordings, making work on beyond human ability thru human themselves, possibility of stem cell therapy: applications and workings, robots on daily lives, society; and work, humanoid robots to befren, and so many. I could just point out some few over here. You may be delighted to visit these topics in detail, click here.

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