Thursday, August 17, 2006

Email Program set up for use with AIM

You can use an email program to read and send messages with your AIM account. The email program must be compatible with the IMAP standard and be set up so that it can retrieve and send your messages.

Summary for advanced users:

  • Incoming IMAP email server address:
  • IMAP port number: 143
  • Outgoing SMTP email server address: (requires authentication)
  • SMTP port number: 587
    Alternate SMTP port number: 25

Please note the following AIM features are not available on an IMAP email program:

  • In the Trash folder, email is marked ready to be deleted in the Inbox or Sent folders and then deleted by the AIM IMAP servers every night. Some applications show deleted email in the original folder with the message flagged for deletion (such as Outlook® or Eudora®), while other applications do not show these emails.
  • You will not be able to check the status of a sent message or retrieve an unopened message from AIM/AOL/Netscape/Compuserve members.
  • The Report Spam button is not available on IMAP. To report messages as spam, move them to your spam folder.
  • AIM IMAP servers do not allow folders to be created or deleted in the root folder.
  • You cannot manually add messages to the Inbox or Sent folders. Messages will only be added to these folders when an email is received or sent by the mail servers.
The process applies equally to all of them:
Microsoft® Outlook® Express 6
Microsoft Outlook® 2002 or Outlook® 2003
Eudora® version for Windows®
Microsoft® Entourage® 2004 for the Mac®
Apple® Mail version 2.0

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