Thursday, August 17, 2006


I wonder why am I suppose to receive mails from 'em who cares for bucks!!!
An excellent example of commercial mailing that sucks!
Bob Joseph <> 
Dear colleagues,  Using the experience we have gained from developing innovative desktop software solutions (such as ChemDraw) for the scientific community, we are introducing an entire new collection of software for biological research. We are happy to offer the following products for management, analysis, and visualization of biological data to you FREE for one month. Just simply click on the appropriate product, register, download, and enjoy your complimentary offer.  Over the past two decades, ChemDraw has firmly established itself as the industry standard for drawing accurate, chemically-aware structures, and has developed into a "must-have" in all chemistry laboratories. We sincerely hope our biology products will match our chemistry counterparts, more importantly, your expectation. Please forward these fantastic offerings to your colleagues as well.  Best Regards,  Bob -------------------------------------- Robert Joseph CambridgeSoft Vice President, Global Marketing US Toll-free 1 800 315-7300 EU Toll-free 00 800 875 20000 EU Tel +44 1223 464900 DE Tel +49 69 2222 2280 FR Tel +33 1 70 71 98 80 INT'L Tel 1 617 588-9300 --------------------------------------  * BioDraw-Free for one month  BioDraw Ultra provides a drawing tool for biological pathways. It includes common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, etc.) which are built in as well as the ability to import other elements. One of the advantages of BioDraw over alternative pathways drawing tools is the integrated power of ChemDraw’s chemical intelligence.  (Win and Mac)  * BioOffice- Free for one month  BioOffice Ultra is the ultimate suite for management, analysis, and visualization of biological data. Combining the computing and analysis capabilities of BioAssay Ultra, BioViz Ultra, E-Notebook Ultra and Inventory Pro, with the superior drawing and database capabilities of BioDraw Ultra, Bio3D Ultra and ChemINDEX Ultra, BioOffice is the suite for biological computing.  (Win only)  * BioAssay- Free for one month  BioAssay Ultra provides the desktop data storage and visualization for both high and low throughput screening biologists. BioAssay Ultra supports the quick set-up of biological models, and a flexible data table structure allows users to define the observables and calculations to model any experiment.  (Win only)  * Bio3D- Free for one month  Bio3D provides affordable building, visualization, and computation tools on the desktop. Bio3D can be used to display many types of molecular surfaces and molecular orbitals. For macromolecules, Bio3D can render cartoon depictions of proteins and nucleic acids making it possible to carry out state-of-the-art protein visualization on the desktop.  (Win only)  * E-Notebook- Free for one month  E-Notebook Ultra provides an easy-to-use interface designed to replace a paper laboratory notebook. The lab journal maintains detailed records with BioDraw structures, Reaction and Stoichiometry information, Microsoft documents, spectra, images and a variety of other ancillary data. E-Notebook also offers searching capabilities by structure (full or sub-structure), keyword, dates and other types of data.  (Win only)   P.S. If you would rather not receive email at from me in the future, please reply to this email with the subject line 'Remove'.  

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