Friday, May 23, 2008

Running Linux from a USB Drive : How to boot from USB Drive (Linux)?

This whole lot of stuff is taken from, you can visit this website if you want still more infor or you run into troubles during the process. This is obviously how to boot from Pen Drive using Linux- DSL ie Damn Small Linux Distro.

Things Needed to Begin

Ø  USB Storage Device - (256mb or larger recommended using USB 2.0)

Ø  PC that can boot from a USB Device (check your BIOS or your User Manual)

Ø  Damn Small Linux (DSL) Distro


Ø  Syslinux 3.11


Ø  HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool


Formatting The USB Storage Device

§  Insert your USB Storage Device into an empty USB slot on your PC

§  Download and Install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Once the usb disk storage format tool is installed, run it

§  Use the following settings in the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

§  Device: The name and capacity of your storage device

§  File system: FAT

§  Volume label: Name it what you want (I chose LINUX)

§  Confirm the Format by clicking Yes.

§  Once the Format is complete it will give you a list of information about the file system, volume, etc. about your device. Click OK.

§  Extracting Necessary Files

§  Download and Extract the Damn Small Linux distro ( to your USB device using Win-Zip or any extraction software.


§  Download and Extract all the files from syslinux-3.11 to a folder named Syslinux on your primary hard drive (mine is C:)

§  In Command Prompt type cd c:\syslinux\win32 (substitute c: for the drive letter of your hard drive) and Press Enter

§  Type syslinux.exe -f F: (F: reprents the drive letter of my USB Device. Yours may be different. GET THIS RIGHT). Press Enter.

§  Exit from Command Prompt


Booting to Linux

Keep your USB Device plugged in and Reboot your PC. Enter your BIOS setup (usually by pressing F2 or DEL) and set your Boot order to boot from the USB Device First. Exit your BIOS and Save the Changes. Since there are MANY different BIOS you must figure out on your own if your PC supports booting from USB.

Voilla it works fine for me, please search for requirements or softwares needed in Google and you must be enriched with the best one always.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

C-Media USB 3D Audio Controller - PD 552

The pack of USB PD 552
This is a true 3D Sound Audio Controller in form of either PD 551 or PD 552 (the later shown in picture above). You get a USB Audio and Extension Cable with the buy pack of PD 552 just for around 12$.
Best USB Multi-Channel 3D Sound Solution
Best USB Multi-Channel 3D Sound Solution, this device supports 3D Sound (AC-3) and Virtual 5.1 Sound Track and claims to be the best Entertainment for Game, DVD, Music. It's brightened by LEAD 3D Sound 5.1 TIDE.
Integrated with 2 channel this USB Audio Controller is the Leading Digital Technology in the Word with main functions summarized as (the pack reading) :

  •     Real USB Plug and Play
  •     Drive 2CH speakers Directly and Support 3D positional sound and Virtual 5.1 CH sound track
  •     Use USB port power directly
  •     External power adapter Not required
  •     Digital Class-B Power Amplifier Inside
USB 3D Sound Configuration Main Setting
USB 3D Sound Configuration Main Setting
USB 3D Sound Configuration Effect
USB 3D Sound Configuration Effect
USB 3D Sound Configuration Infromation
USB 3D Sound Configuration Information

Software Value-added for DVD contains
5.1 Xearphone
2-Speaker Virtual Theater
Earphone plus Personal Theater
Enhanced 5.1 Home Theater
Software Value-added for music
27 preset Environment Effects
3 Environment sizes
10 Band/Pre-set Equalizer

Software Value-added for games
EAX 2.0 or A3D 1.0
Microsoft DirectSound 3D
Earphone Plus
Speaker Shifter
In my case, I found the following specifications for the USB PD 552 Audio Controller ie a C-Media 3D Audio Configuration Version :
3D Audio Engine: Xear3D CRL3D DS3D EAX2.0 A3D1.0
Audio CODEC: CMI108
Audio Driver Version: (39a)
Audio Controller: Inter(R) 82801DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b
For this Composite Device, the latest drivers and value added service packs can be downloaded from the official website of C-Media or other related links provided at the bottom of this article.
The System driver files are provided by C-Media Electronics Inc (installed directly to the path as below). You can manually check them, however for Windows XP and Vista and for many Linux Distributions no any external drivers are required, but who doesn't want value added service at no cost at all.
  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\USBAUDIO.sys
  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\smudau.sys
  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\system\cmcnfgu.cpl
  • C:\WINDOWS\system32\system\cmds3du.dll
  • C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\cmudaU.sys
You can manually update the drivers and value added softwares based on or replacing these driver and system files. The following registry value is modified by the Composite Audio Controller
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Write protection for USB Storage Devices - How to Enable/Disable USB devices/drives?

If you're a smart computer user and BIOS is what you get into everyday, then disabling or locking USB Drive, sure, is not a big deal. But if you want the whole process to go well from registry, the following is the complete idiot's guide (with the complete downloadable hack) for Write Protecting USB Drives (both ON and OFF).

o   Using this function, prevent the write to USB devices.

o   This function is only available if you are using Windows XP SP2, I'm unsure of the other Windows OSes.

o   Action is immediate without need to reboot or log off the system.

How to disable WRITE PROTECTION for USB Devices?



>> Navigate to this KEY

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\ Control\StorageDevicePolicies

>> Create or Change DWORD called WriteProtect assigning the value 1 (ENABLES Write Protection) – the value 0 DISABLES Write Protection.

Enable USB Storage Devices

>> Navigate to this key


>> Create or Change DWORD called Start assigning the value 4 (Hexadecimal) (ENABLES Write Protection) – the value 3 (Hex) ENABLES the USB Storage Devices.

        Now your USB Device is no more READ-ONLY.


References and Related Links:

Ø  How to Enable USB device by coding freak

Ø  Write protection for USB Storage Devices

Ø  Search Google for to Enable/Disable USB devices/drives?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Using Kaspersky Online Scanner to scan PC for viruses and malwares for free

HTML clipboard

This is absolutely free service from Kaspersky Lab - the maker of KAV - antivirus program with the highest detection rates according to The website page goes at the first line as

Welcome to the Kaspersky Online Scanner! Use it to scan your PC for viruses and other malware for free. Warning: if you have installed Kaspersky Online Scanner Pro, please manually uninstall it using "Add/Remove Programs" before installing this version! Otherwise this version will not function correctly.

Initially there is a small installation done followed by the choice for virus definitions, and rest assured - you never leave it stand alone if you are too prone to viruses and security infringing softwares. Based on Microsoft's ActiveX Technology, the Kaspersky Online Scanner works only with MS Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher. The major plus point is that the scanner has hourly updated AV database that means each time you launch the online scanner it's sure to be updated silently.

Detection rates of antivirus programs

If you're not in MSIE, then you can scan for individual files, including compressed ones, then you can scan them at File Scanner. If you would like to scan your entire computer for viruses, please use their free virus scan. To list the free virus scanning services from Kaspersky Lab:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So this computer scientist is like a real uptight guy, uncomfortable in his own skin.

He has a hard time relating to people, you know the type, right?

So he's in a bookstore, sees a book called "How to Hug", so he thinks, "Yes, this could really help me."

So he buys it, takes it home, starts to read it, and darned if isn't volume eight of an encyclopedia!

Google Launches Indian Version of YouTube

Few days (Last Wednesday) back the Web Giant Google added another brick to its success, the launch of Indian Version of YouTube is highly anticipated one after Orkut - Google's social networking site. This Google' s video sharing subsidiary has all the content from the YouTube global site. However, importance is given to the Indian relevances of course!

The custom video charts reflect what the Indians are watching right now at Indian YouTube. Partnership has been maintained with India's Ministry of Tourism and local TV stations.

Google's popularity in the region has come with its share of problems. YouTube has been sued in India by a local music label for hosting its material, while in neighboring Pakistan access to YouTube was recently blocked for some days because the local government objected to an anti-Islamic video on the site. Google's Orkut social networking site has frequently been the target in India of fundamentalist groups, objecting to one or the other of their icons or leaders being insulted in user comments on the site. (Source : )

The ameliorating trend of multinational companies in India focused with more and more local contents in local languages has been practiced recently by AOL India, Google India, Yahoo India and a lot. All of these companies are trying to get over non-urban Indian internet users and however, the success solely is restricted by the already word-of-mouth Indian origin internet companies.


The easiest way to remove kinza virus, Updates : Kinza.exe virus as removed by Kaspersky Antivirus

You must read this topic ( Getting rid of Kinza virus : How do I remove kinza virus? ) before proceeding to the text below which is the extended portion of the update of the previous discussion on How to remove kinza virus? This is the easiest way to remove kinza virus!

Below is the result of the Kinza.exe virus as removed by Kaspersky antivirus 7.

Scan : completed
Scanned: 756
Detected: 1
Untreated: 0
Start time: 4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM
Duration: 00:01:10
Finish time: 4/1/2008 11:10:40 AM

Status Object
------ ------
deleted: virus Worm.VBS.Autorun.i File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/boot.vbs

Time Name Status Reason
---- ---- ------ ------
4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM Logical disk sector: G ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM File: G:\kinza.exe archive RarSFX
4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar archive RAR
4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/archive comment ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:09:30 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/boot.vbs detected: virus 'Worm.VBS.Autorun.i'
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/boot.vbs not disinfected postponed
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/dxdlg.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/dxdlg.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapd.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapd.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.dll detected: riskware 'not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.ActMon.511'
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:09:31 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdc.dll detected: riskware 'not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.ActMon.511'
4/1/2008 11:09:32 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdd.dll ok iChecker
4/1/2008 11:09:32 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapde.dll ok iChecker
4/1/2008 11:09:32 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/wproxp.exe ok iChecker
4/1/2008 11:09:32 AM File: G:\kinza.exe//data.rar/ActMon.ini ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:09:33 AM File: G:\autorun.inf ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:09:49 AM File: g:\kinza.exe archive RarSFX
4/1/2008 11:09:49 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar archive RAR
4/1/2008 11:09:49 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/archive comment ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:09:49 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/boot.vbs detected: virus 'Worm.VBS.Autorun.i'
4/1/2008 11:10:35 AM File: g:\kinza.exe backed up
4/1/2008 11:10:37 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/dxdlg.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:37 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/dxdlg.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:10:37 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapd.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:37 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapd.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:10:38 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.dll detected: riskware 'not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.ActMon.511'
4/1/2008 11:10:38 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:38 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdb.exe//NPack detected: riskware
4/1/2008 11:10:38 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdc.dll detected: riskware 'not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.ActMon.511'
4/1/2008 11:10:38 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdd.dll packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdd.dll//NPack ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapdd.dll ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapde.dll packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapde.dll//NPack ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/imapde.dll ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/wproxp.exe packed file NPack
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/wproxp.exe//NPack ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/wproxp.exe ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:39 AM File: g:\kinza.exe//data.rar/ActMon.ini ok scanned
4/1/2008 11:10:40 AM File: g:\kinza.exe deleted

Object Scanned Dangerous objects Untreated Deleted Moved to Quarantine Archives Packed files
Password protected Corrupted
------ ------- ----------------- --------- ------- ------------------- -------- ------------
------------------ ---------
All objects 756 1 0 1 0 6 31 0 0
G:\ 756 1 0 1 0 6 31 0 0

Parameter Value
--------- -----
Security Level Recommended
Action Prompt for action when the scan is complete
Run mode Manually
File types Scan all files
Scan only new and changed files No
Scan archives all
Scan embedded OLE objects all
Do not scan archives larger than No
Skip if scan takes longer than No
Parse email formats No
Scan password-protected archives No
Use iChecker technology Yes
Use iSwift technology Yes
Register information about dangerous objects in application statistics Yes
Rootkit scan Yes
Extended rootkit scan No
Use heuristic analyser Yes
Heuristic analyser level 3

The ultimate benefit is that there is no need to download kinza virus removal tool as you can neutralize kinza.exe virus with the help of Kaspersky Antivirus, even the trial version functions well.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 signs you're an Internet geek

10. When filling out your driver's license application you give your IP address.

9. You no longer ask prospective dates what their sign is, instead your line is "Hi, what's your URL?"

8. Instead of calling you to dinner, your spouse sends e-mail.

7. You're amazed to find out spam is a food.

6. You "ping" people to see if they're awake, "finger" them to find out how they are, and "AYT" them to make sure they're listening to you.

5. You search the Net endlessly hoping to win every silly free T-shirt contest.

4. You introduce your wife as "my lady@home.wife" and refer to your children as "client applications".

3. At social functions you introduce your husband as "my domain server".

2. After winning the office super bowl pool you blurt out, "I feel so colon-right parentheses!"

And the number one sign you are an Internet Geek:

1. Two Words: "Pizza's Here!"

Monday, May 05, 2008

Computer fun : a power to smile

A grade school teacher was asking his pupils what their parents did for a living. "Tim, you be first. What does your mother do all day?"

Tim stood up and proudly said "She's a doctor."

"That's wonderful. How about you, Amy?"

Amy shyly stood up, scuffed her feet and said "My father is a mailman."

"Thank you, Amy" said the teacher. "What does your parent do, Billy?"

Billy proudly stood up and announced "My daddy plays piano in a whorehouse."

The teacher was aghast and went to Billy's house and rang the bell. Billy's father answered the door. The teacher explained what his son had said and demanded an explanation. Billy's dad said "I'm actually a system programmer specializing in TCP/IP communication protocol on UNIX systems. How can I explain a thing like that to a seven-year-old?"

* * *

A programmer was walking along the beach when he found a lamp. Upon rubbing the lamp a genie appeared who stated "I am the most powerful genie in the world. I can grant you any wish you want, but only one wish."

The programmer pulled out a map of the Mediterranean area and said "I'd like there to be a just and last peace among the people in the middle east."

Genie: "Gee, I don't know. Those people have been fighting since the beginning of time. I can do just about anything, but this is beyond my limits."

Programmer: "Well, I am a programmer and my programs have a lot of users. Please make all the users satisfied with my programs and let them ask sensible changes."

Genie: "Uh, let me see that map again."

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Microsoft to Halt Hotmail Access via Outlook Express

In the latest death knell for Outlook Express, Microsoft announced Thursday that it will turn off access to its Web-based Hotmail service from the desktop e-mail software at the end of June.
 Outlook Express users who want to continue to access their Hotmail accounts offline after June 30 are being encouraged by Microsoft to download its free Windows Live Mail software.
 Users will still be able to use Outlook, the big brother of Outlook Express, to read their Hotmail messages offline, but first they may have to upgrade their Outlook Connector synchronization software, according to information posted online today by Scott Hammer, a Microsoft e-mail support manager.
 Hammer said that users of the paid Hotmail Plus service will also still be able to use any other desktop e-mail client that is POP3-compliant, such as the open-source Thunderbird software. Macintosh users, meanwhile, can continue using Microsoft's Entourage e-mail client for the Mac to access Hotmail, which is the second most popular Web mail service in the U.S. behind Yahoo Mail, according to market research firm HitWise Pty.
 Outlook Express first appeared in 1997, when it was bundled with Internet Explorer 4.0. At one point the most popular e-mail software for Windows users, the technology saw its usage start to decline after suffering major virus and malware problems early this decade. Microsoft's last update of the software, Outlook Express 6, was released in August 2004.
 In a blog post at Microsoft's e-mail technical support Web site, Hammer said that Microsoft is disabling the DAV e-mail protocol used by Outlook Express to download messages because it is too slow for the larger e-mail in-boxes now in use. For instance, the Windows Live service offers Hotmail users 5GB in-boxes free of charge.
 Instead of DAV, Windows Live Mail uses a new technology called DeltaSync to replicate e-mail, contacts and other data between Hotmail and a user's PC. Microsoft says DeltaSync is faster because it only downloads new or modified messages and headers from the Hotmail server, whereas DAV downloaded everything. But, Hammer wrote, "the new protocol unfortunately is not supported by Outlook Express, and support would require too many changes to the Outlook Express software."
 Released last November, Windows Live Mail is a successor to both Outlook Express and the Windows Mail client that shipped with Windows Vista . New features above and beyond the improvements that were in Windows Mail include support for RSS feeds, improved photo-sharing and increased integration with other cloud-based Windows Live online services.
 This reporter's main trepidation about moving to Windows Live Mail was how well it would import my existing Outlook Express messages and contacts. The experience was fine, though: after setup, Windows Live Mail automatically searched for and found the right folders. Importing more than 10,000 e-mails took about 15 minutes.

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