Saturday, July 19, 2008

How to ping a website or an IP address?

Step One

Hold down your [windows key + R] to use the run command shortcut or go to your start menu and click on run if available

Once you use the short cut or use the run button in the start menu the run command will popup.

After you type in "cmd" with out the quotes in the in the command line and click on OK button and the CMD.exe program will open.

command in vista

Step Two

This is the CMD.exe and it can do ms-dos commands and ping website and IP addresses.

Step Three

Once you are in the CMD.exe you need to type in the first line. Type "ping" and a space then type in the website address or an IP address and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Eg:


Get the information you desire from the message generated by the command dos.

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