Friday, July 11, 2008

Managing or resetting Windows Admin Login Password/Key - How to recover Windows' forgotten password?

Windows Key (used here is Windows Key Enterprise Edition from Passware Kit- Password Recovery for Windows Uer Accounts) resets Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT security settings if Administrator password, secure boot password or key disk is lost. This application helps to create a bootable Windows Key CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive. Use CD-ROM or Flash Drive to boot and unlock your PC. You can also create a floppy driver disk.

Windows key enterprise edition

You must create a bootable CD image, USB Flash Drive or a driver floppy according to your need. Windows key needs some files from the Windows CD-ROM to create  bootable Windows Key CD-ROM image or similar is the case in casee of USB Flash Disk and Floppy. This program answers you if 'How to recover Windows' forgotten password?' is yours query.

windows key enterprise edition

Windows Key Enterprise Edition works with domain controllers and resets passwords for domain administrators, supports all Service Packs. Windows Key is designed as a tool for administrators, not for "crackers". The product has no bearing on Windows security rating, because it requires physical access to the machine. In any computer system, true security from break-ins is achievable only by isolating the machine from distrusted individuals.

Please follow instructions below to create setup disks:

Windows Key Enterprise Edition is one of the products from Passware Kit. Passware Kit recovers all kinds of passwords for the world's most popular office application files, including Excel, Word, WinZip, Windows XP/2000/NT, Access, Outlook, Quicken, WordPerfect, VBA, 1-2-3, ACT!, Paradox, Organizer, Schedule, WordPro and more.

Below are the steps to recover a password for Microsoft Office document. To recover passwords for other types of files please select different recovery module in the step 1.

To recover a password:

  1. Click the Start button, and then click Program Files, Passware, Office Key
  2. Select the Recover... item in the File menu. A file selection dialog will appear.
  3. Select the file to search password for.
  4. Press the "Open" button to start recovery.

## All Passware products can be ordered worldwide. Online orders are accepted as well as traditional phone, fax, mail/check and corporate purchase orders. Detailed instructions for all kinds of orders are available online at Passware web site:

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