Thursday, November 10, 2005

24 ✕ 7

24 7

This is all about how a bucolic gets into cyberspace- a hit. I talked about this person yesterday and as a result of the full mid-night.

Mr dude, asked me to show top machinery equipments in agri-sector. To his surprise, according to him, he said-“ nothing special has changed since the last year”. I was mesmerized and perplexed at the same time, and finally got to know that none of those major industries have effective websites. Toyota, for an instance, has nothing special at its website a long time waiting before bulky and non modular flash contains. And the case with Honda was the same.

Commercialization, more than information can obviously led to anyone’s frustration from it. Go anywhere get lost your card, even opening an account to read your newsletter might take some bucks …….

Last but not the Least, anyways smaller companies and industries proved best during yesternight extravagant exploration. Even US dept of Agriculture has no photographs of modern agricultural tools rather it contained archaeological tools.

Say anything or comment on this. I remain, till I discuss another topic(s), next time. It’s me from- gear-head signing off….

For now!

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