Friday, November 25, 2005

''''regEdit >> trouble ''''

''''regEdit >> trouble ''''



You must read this blog if you are a tech savvy or have interest in abnormal PC errors.


Here goes what my machine run into.


An information-technology magazine crashed my PC yesterday, Whole day became gloomy, and yet again another 'regedit' failure. If these magazines do not try out themselves why send readers for such activities.


I just wanted to make my machine super fast, disabling all Microsoft programs to run at the start up  and this was certainly done from regedit. [ If you need the code or want it right now to try, please hit me an email, it's just a coding] And certain ScriptKiddies might run into trouble.


Case I: PC did not responded at all. No Administrator credentials worked, even safe mode and all other trial ruin. Here comes another trouble all accounts including the administrator password said to be expired or incorrect. After trying the actual passwords all users got locked out alongwith the Administrator.

And the assignment I had to finish up within 4 hours but nothing could get me up.


Case II: None virus or worms! It's Microsoft Windows XP's screensaver named mystery [file ID: ssymst.dcr or like that you may find in your system folder] whenever I try to be near that file machine gets shut down unexpectedly. No any anti-virus software could full scan my machine which lead me to identify the problem myself and finally found that this is caused by the unwanted XP's screensaver, after 2 months.

I was to clean format my hard disk but nothing went as thought. Case I raised this way. Because case II enforced me to check out for absolute errors.


I wrote to the PC magazine's editor but with no replies ode no apt solutions from the publisher.


Also sent error queries to Microsoft many times but they did nothing, frustrations and else more.


SO, please be aware that you might be ruining you PC while editing registry. Even a simple [blank- spacebar] is going to kill it.


Result: I had to clean format another partition, though did not lost data but still I cannot recover my system.



Sufferer PC Machine or the Magazine

Signing off

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