Monday, November 28, 2005

Script Kiddies- is that all right?

Script Kiddies- is that all right?

… And nobody is perfect. Not just wondering, nothing insights automatically. You have to discover or even invent. A lively instance ‘apings’; what do you envision of? Imitation lacking intelligence. Teacher teaches something and a student’s ditto(es).

Not to mention I am a script kiddies. Searching for more and more scripts, more preferable java scripts but I try on my own to modify them and don’t think it’s all wrong. Betterment is sought everywhere and by this time I shall be transforming myself from JavaScript to C. Let me C on the net.

I like to be clarified that whether application(s) created by me with codes and concepts, of course, with help sought from hundreds of friends, guides, teachers and the free source internet is going to be legal. If this problematic condition remains unsolved or even unable to be solved, then those Script Kiddies should not be hesitated, and after all this is yet another invention.
I don’t believe that every programmer is master of his own, even my writing software is pirated, I am proud to say but I respect the overall result. Had people, especially, those software engineers, not conferred with other programmer(s), there would have been no marvelous works. It’s not possible to reach off the different approach oneself. Why refer a book? You publish it…. Na nap, it’s going to be too complicated, and I like to limit this blog only to verify that I am a true Script Kiddies and think almost everyone is or else.

It’s not easy to invent a lie.

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