Saturday, November 12, 2005

Friends and Complacency

Friends and Complacency

"Friends forever. To revel the truth, till now here I have no frens at all, talking movies or youths forum and so all behind the wall. Want to company….. most welcome."

It’s inexplicable how comfort or complacent … two meaning affirming…. Anyway, I am going to campus after a long duration of 2 and half years. Finally, soul gets over my heart. Because soul is always right... rightly called ‘dil’ in our terms.

How my frens are going top be for the next 4 years? How do they look like? What shall I expect from them? How to interchange in formations? And all those our related disgusts of electronics and communication engineering shall make us to the sky rocketed world.

My dear frens: I am waiting for a brand new day to shine like a silver lining but not a weird wizard. An image influxing cognitive phrenal paraphernalia as ----- all wit, intellects, few girls, exciting boys, helping guides, calm class environs and every day a fresh day to be resumed early in the morning.

I have to go to the bed, for tomorrow it’s my first day at the new university campus, to get up at 5 it’s a sort of …. Fishtail paintings…

Rest tomorrow with explanations of my frens and chip level optimization of my classes.

Feeling sleepy though 9.

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Anonymous said...

oha! woundir..... frens and all alone or make me one

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