Sunday, November 06, 2005

Inside Me is a Man!

Eureka! ‘Something Inside Me’

“Better late than never” probably be suited to me or is it “It’s never too late to learn the piano!” Though I do not admire to any, thought why not come to the real world- blogging my life, specifically “Blogging Ekendra’s Life”. Many times have been posting blogs to people but never thought I shall do for my own. And now, you must have come to the point, I’m not new to blogging! I shall prove it now or later.

Full Name : Lamsal, Ekendra

Address : Pokhara, Nepal

Sex : Male

Age : 21

Qualification : Some College

Religion : Int’l Fraternism

Occupation : Student more than a Tech Savvy

Expertise : From molecular computing to bioinformatics,

From cognitive simulations to abstract writings

And I do not want to prove of this at all, why? You shall see the rest of the world after me, ha ha ha … So, you are lucky to have read my blog, on electronics, communication, bioinformatics and molecular simulations, is it going right, anyway.

Rest, while think about writing must be tomorrow. You may still be pleased to read my articles at my personal pages, go hit a score on abstract arts man!

Keep working!

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bloggrez said...

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Anonymous said...

welcome to our community!

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