Monday, November 07, 2005

DNA Computing: None thaw far approach

DNA Computing: None thaw far approach

I was in no any mood to write this blog today. All of sudden circumferences arose, my phrenal cortex began to sizzle said: why not influence the DNA Computing to those worldie people.

It shall not be more time from now that personal computers having bio-chips [is it the way? We talk or just a bluff… see scientist have done nothing… than you are a fool baby!] Rising critics and ideas at the same time must create you illusion, anyway.

It was early morning today when I happen read between lines of a tech magazine undergoing with a header “The Computer inside You, Is DNA Computing a Fad or The Future?” Sorry that I could not provide you the article because of those copyright policies; however I shall try on this. Though I quite up the 5-paged article within a 90 minutes duration I got to know more about “Winfree and Wang”, “A Trillion Computers In A Drop of Water”, “Finite Automation” and else.

Anyone with interests on this, please write to me. I want to discuss the theme and clarify a deeper insight.
And now see that I limited my writings for next time, till you try to figure out what’s in these few lines carry for you.

Rest, while think about writing must be tomorrow. You may still be pleased to read my articles at my
personal pages, go hit a score on abstract arts man!

For now!
Staying Alive…..

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