Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Celebrating New Year in Pokhara, Nepal

New Year, yes, a whole lot brand new more 365 days to come by in our life ie at the same time we are being grown up 31,536,000 seconds. Though Nepalis calendar is based on Bikram Sambat, we still along with growing number use the Gregarian Calender and according to which are to celebrate the New Year- 2005.

Pokhara, one of the favorite tourists destination in Nepal, has its own norms for celebrating the end and the commence of the past and the new years simulataneously. Lakeside, the side of Lake Phewa, the homage for annual street festival is crowned with glory for excitements along with food festivals, games and plays, cultural and folk shows, live and concerts, and more than anything is exchange of international brotherhood.

Once you are here in Pokhara, do try to be at the New Year eve. This year it’s being going to be festive onward December 28 till the weekend. I am to test many new foods and to part at the most beer drinking lad. Regular updates on this festivals can be found on this blog ie
i-geek.blogspot.com and pokharacity.com. I shall post regularly regarding this later ASAP.

Last but not the least; New Year shall be celebrated with fun loaded spirits for the kindness of whole of the humane.

Take a Sip, Ekendra Lamsal

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